Sailor uniforms

I'm extremely upset that Sailor Saturn did not get an anime transformation sequence. Naoko Takeuchi was upset that Saturn didn't get an anime transformation sequence. It's totally lame because we see Sailor Moon transform in just about every episode but they can't spare twenty seconds for Saturn's sequence? Ridiculous!

Even though she doesn't get an anime sequence, we do get to see her outfit upgrades to Super in both anime and manga, and up to Eternal and Princess forms in the manga.

Saturn's original uniform is the most unique - it features petal-shaped sleeves and a multi-pointed star brooch and decal on her choker. This star resembles the "Pure Heart Crystals" used as a replacement for the hostes in the Super anime. Her gloves are long and white, but end with a sharp point. You can't see it in these images I've put up, but she wears lace-up stiletto boots. Something I could never wear, but she looks fabulous in them. This form first appears in Act 30 of the manga and episode 125 of the anime.

After this form, her Super form is just like the others' super forms - the brooch is a heart, the choker has a star, and the back bow's ends are lengthened. The unique sleeves and gloves from the first uniform aren't retained. This form first appears in Act 39 and episode 168.

One of her manga-only forms is the Eternal form, though it's never formally called so - it's very much like Eternal Sailor Moon's uniform, but without the wings. It has puffed sleeves and a three-tiered skirt, and first appears in Act 42. Lastly, there's her Princess dress, which appears in Act 41. Since she is the princess of the planet Saturn, she gets a pretty dress.

Her tiara gem, initial choker decal, and earrings (shaped like the planet Saturn) are white.

Color symbology

At first, it might not be entirely clear what color Saturn's uniform is - is the primary color a dark blue or a dark purple? Are the bows black or maroon? In the anime, they certainly look black! So, we'll go with a dark purple (blue...), black, and maroon, though the official manga colors are purple and maroon. I'm building off of color theories found here.

Purple can represent power, nobility, wisdom, dignity, independence, mystery, and magic. Dark purple gives a feeling of melancholy and sadness. These are not the only things that purple represents, but just some of the traits, and I think they fit well with Sailor Saturn. She is bestowed with incredible power, more than the other senshi. If you thought Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto were exclusive, then Saturn is even more so - she works alone even more than they do. (However, her work is to prepare for rebirth with the help of Sailor Moon, so perhaps she's not that independent.)

Black can represent power, elegance, formality, death, evil, and mystery. Hopefully the connection here is obvious - other than the "power" connection as I described in earlier, Saturn's powers are immensely destructive and can kill an entire planet. However, Saturn is not evil; the other senshi feared her coming in the past, deeming her powers taboo, but came to realize that her powers were necessary for rebirth.

Maroon, the reddish-brown color, is associated with the harvest and the autumn season. This is appropriate in light of the mythology behind the planet Saturn. Saturn (or Cronus) is the Roman (Greek) god of the harvest.

Interesting to note is that Saturn's uniform colors, if you look at the purple as more of a blueish color, looks like a darker version of Sailor Moon's uniform colors, where her skirt and collar are bright blue and her bows red. It's possible that this was intended, since they are the two opposing Messiahs, Saturn's purpose being much more sinister in nature, so her coloring would naturally be darker. Also interesting is that Sailor Moon and Saturn are the only two senshi (other than Chibi Moon, but she doesn't really count since her outfits are extension of Sailor Moon's) who have truly unique detailing on their uniforms. All the senshi have varying shoe style and sometimes glove style, different chokers and striping patterns, but only Saturn and Moon have unique brooch styles and sleeves.

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