Silence & noise

The Outer Senshi are well known for their extreme commitment to their assigned duties, whether it be watching over the Silver Millenium or protecting the solar system from invasion or destroying the world when called upon or protecting slightly airheaded princesses. They don't like to bend the rules, are a little stubborn, and don't like compromise. They're on the extreme side of the solar system's senshi. And Sailor Saturn is no exception. She is, perhaps, the epitome of a dutiful soldier within the group, but perhaps a little misunderstood at the same time.

Sailor Saturn's purpose is deadly. It is with good reason that the other senshi don't want to see her come. But it was assigned to her. It is not an easy task, but she works thoroughly to seal away evil fully and completely. Sailor Saturn means business, and if you see her, it means some serious stuff is gonna go down very shortly - to put it lightly. Ahem. She is so dedicated to her role as exterminator that she's upset upon discovering that she "missed a spot."

As a result of her isolation from the other Senshi and her purpose, Saturn always maintains the professionalism of a soldier, imposing and detached.

Compared to how you [Hotaru] were, you've grown to be a happy and joyous girl ... but there are moments when your eyes turn ice cold, like Saturn ... ~ Michiru, Act 39
Transformations into battle
Kicking ass, taking names
Silver Millennium
An end to suffering
The dreaded arrival
Facilitated by Galaxia
Empyrean beings

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