Basic Statistics

Name: Hotaru Tomoe
Birthday: January 6
Sign: Capricorn
Blood Type: AB
Favorite Color: purple
Favorite Stone: fluorite
Favorite Food: soba
Least Favorite Food: milk
Hobbies: collecting lamps, reading
Favorite Subject: world history
Worst Subject: physical education
Favorite Sport: table tennis
Has Trouble With: marathons
Special Skill: injury treatment
Dream: to be a nurse
Hopes To Go To: Florence

As for her age, this is something I'm not entirely clear on. It is apparent, however, that she is about twelve years old when we first meet her, in junior high (as opposed to Haruka and Michiru, who are in the high school division of Infinity Academy). After she is reborn and grows to become Sailor Saturn again, she looks to be right about Chibiusa's age, which would mean around 8-ish or so. I can at least say with certainty that her growth during the end of the Dream/SuperS and Stars arcs lands her at an age younger than the oldest we saw her in the Infinity/Super arc.

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