Frequently asked questions

... OR NOT. This is here so that I won't get asked frequently. If you do want to ask me something, please feel free to email me about it, just as long as it's not up here.

But of course, they're not frequently asked.

Why the hell did you make a site to a fictional character?
For the same reason that you're reading this - because I want to.

Can I take your content?

Can I take your layout/coding/anything graphic design?

But what if I took it anyways?
Well, honestly, I can't stop you. Lol. But that's not the classy thing to do.

Can I affiliate with your site?
Email me with a link to your site and we can discuss it!

You're wrong/you missed something here/etc ...
I'm only human. I've read over the manga many times, and watched the anime enough to know it. If it's a translation error or something like that, don't bother. If it's a spelling error, don't bother - I will make periodic spellchecks for my sites. If it's REALLY big, as in Usagi died or something, email me about it. If it's a broken link, please do tell me.

Why do you put the family name second, as is done with Western names?
Personal preference. I know that in Japan the family name comes first, then the given name, so it should be "Tomoe Hotaru" and "Takeuchi Naoko," but this is an English site and it feels kind weird for me to write that outside of a name analysis section.

Why do you keep saying that Sailor Moon isn't very deep? I thought you liked the series!
I do like the series a lot, but honestly ... it's like a goldfish. Shiny and awesome (okay maybe goldfish aren't very awesome), but when it comes down to it, there just isn't very much MEAT. Sailor Moon recycles a lot of very common shoujo manga themes, and while I like it a lot, there isn't too much to squeeze out. Not like with Final Fantasy or something.

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