If you have a quality-content-driven site in the Sailor Moon fandom, please feel free to contact me about possibly affiliating our sites! Wikipedia profiles masquerading as fansites don't make the cut, sorry. :) Anyways, please check out my lovely affiliates. They are awesome.

Aquarelle is Ava's one-page shrine to the elegant Michiru Kaioh, who doubles as the enigmatic Sailor Neptune. It might be only one page, but this shrine is excellent and covers all that you'd need to know about Michiru/Neptune. Ava presents a concise and clear analysis of her character, one that I previously thought had no personality/substance either (similar to Hotaru), but Ava has proved me very wrong. This is a great site and you're missing out on a great read if you don't stop by for a visit!

Eternal Flame is Saya's shrine to the star of the series - Sailor Moon, AKA Usagi Tsukino, Princess Serenity, Princess Neo-Queen Serenity ... the list of names goes on and on. This site is a small but heartfelt dedication to Usagi, and it's clear that Saya really loves her. Clear and concise, it touches on what you need to know about her without obnoxious psychobabble. It focuses on Usagi's manga incarnation, similarly to what I've done here. We all know manga > anime (however fun it was to watch), so all the more reason to visit!

Go! My Heaven is, I am pleased to say, the first site of Airi's that I've affiliated with other than our collectives. Everyone who knows Airi knows about this site - as she herself says, it's her baby. And with good reason! The site is your one-stop shop for everything you ever wanted to know about Sailor Venus/Minako Aino and will certainly make you fall in love with Minako. She'll show you just how awesome our soldier of love is. Airi really loves Minako, and the site is the jewel of her collective.

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