Well, I assume you've looked around all that you want to and now here's the boring info about the site that I'm sure you want to read. Eventide opened on 23 September 2009. Finally, right? Sailor Saturn is my favorite senshi and while Hotaru's rather bland personality-wise, I think her story is very compelling, so I decided to make her a little something.

Originally I wanted to name the site "Nightfall," because of a chapter from the Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis, one of my favorite book series. In the final book, The Last Battle, the Shadowlands are destroyed in a chapter entitled "Night Falls on Narnia." It's not a very original use of the word, but it's the first passage I thought of. However, if I named it "Nightfall," I'd feel obligated to make every layout dark. So, in the end, I went with its synonym: "eventide." Also, there is a poem called "Eventide" by John McCrae which is semi-relevant.

This is the first layout to grace Eventide, and it features a black-and-white manga scan from Act 33 that I edited. Credits for textures go to Dearest. The lyrics are from the English translation of Epik High's "One," and the texture can be found here.

Many thanks to Airi and Lore - the former for bothering me every so often to make a BSSM site, and the latter for looking over my layout and giving me feedback. Other credits go to The Oracle for information and images, Neo Nobility for manga scans, and Dies Gaudii for its interesting insights into some of BSSM's idiosyncrasies.

Also thanks to Icera for choosing this site as Deep Submerge's (now Ten(sen)shi) October 2009 Site of the Month! I'm so honored and really appreciate it :) Can you tell that my three-sections-per-row and determination to keep a multiple of three sections on each page didn't work out very well?

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